The Most Popular Diamond Ring

When it comes to diamond rings, a lot of attention goes to elements like cut, color, clarity, and carat.
Sure, you might have picked a diamond with a good balance of between the 4, but all that can be lost if
you don’t place the stone in a way that highlights it the best. This is where Setting comes in. The right
ring setting can transform a design from beautiful to iconic. It ensures that a diamond is displayed in all
its brilliance and can even enhance it!
So, if you’re looking to figure out which ring setting works best or are simply in the mood to take a tour
in the realm of celebrated fine jewelry, we’ve listed out some of the most iconic diamond ring settings
that have set trends.
Decadence Across Decades
The thing about trends is that they keep repeating. Be it a few decades ago or just this summer, you’re
bound to make the most of your statement jewels each time. Especially if you curate your collection
with a variety of designs. So, go ahead and take inspiration from some of these iconic settings and build
your box of jewelry by incorporating your favorites that have always been in style!


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