Bridal Jhumka Designs

Jhumkas are the traditional pride of Indian culture and a beautiful part of bridal collections. Bridal jhumka designs are some of the most intricately designed beauties adorned by brides, providing them with the most mesmerising look ever. Inspired by traditional and folk art, bridal jhumkas are the perfect fusion of modern and traditional elements. In this article, we have gathered 10 bridal jhumka designs for a look to swoon over. Let us begin.

Types Of Bridal Jhumkas worn by brides all over India

Traditional Jhumka

Top 10 Bridal Jhumka Designs To Swoon Over

Jhumka is in itself a traditional earring design; however, they are further made and designed in folk and traditional craftsmanship. These traditional jhumkas are the most typical and primitive types of jhumkas available on the market. Generally made in gold, traditional jhumkas look all regal and radiant and have been a part of bridal collections since time immemorial.

Contemporary Jhumka

When we say contemporary, we consider all the types of jhumka that aren’t traditional. These may be a little different from the typical traditional jhumkas or have a totally new style of their own. The contemporary jhumkas are made in all types of materials, including gold, silver, oxidised metal, pearls, and American diamonds.

Fusion Jhumka

Fusion jhumkas, like the name suggests, are a fusion of traditional and modern designs of jhumkas. These are the best to wear with an Indo-West outfit, as they derive inspiration from both the east and west of the world.

Kundan Jhumka

Top 10 Bridal Jhumka Designs To Swoon Over

Kundan jhumkas are made up of mirror stones that look like diamonds and are studded into gold with jadau techniques. Kundan jhumkas are one of the traditional types of jhumkas that originated in the states of India. Kundan jhumkas are popular bridal earrings and a common part of bridal collections.

Temple Jhumka

Top 10 Bridal Jhumka Designs To Swoon Over

Temple jhumka are designs inspired by temples, gods, and goddesses around the country. Made in gold and decorated with gemstones and diamonds, temple jhumkas are another type of bridal jhumka worn in the southern part of India.

Antique Jhumka

Top 10 Bridal Jhumka Designs To Swoon Over

Antique jhumkas or jhumkas from ancient times may have designs used in ancient times or were physically made and found in the past. Antique jhumka is both artistically and economically expensive, making it a great investment.

Top 10 Bridal Jhumka Designs for brides to swoon over

Kundan Jhumka Designs

Kundan jhumka designs are traditionally inspired jhumka designs in gold studded with mirror stones. They are crafted by folk artisans who have practised the craft for centuries and through generations. The designs of kundan jhumkas are now decorated with gemstones and diamonds for a pop of colour.

Gold Jhumka Designs

Top 10 Bridal Jhumka Designs To Swoon Over

Gold jhumka designs range from traditional to modern styles and patterns that are worn till date, with a few changes here and there. Gold combined with gemstones, diamonds, and pearls is the top choice for brides as a part of their bridal collections. Gold jhumkas are both ritualistic and royal, making them the most worn bridal earrings.

Pearl Jhumka Designs

Pearl jhumkas are among the contemporary jhumka types and have a wide variety of designs. The subtle and serene elegance the pearls provide to the bridal look is the attraction of pearl jhumkas. From small pearls clustered together and arranged into domes dangling down the jhumka to large pearls combined with gold for a royal appeal.

Diamond Jhumka Designs

Diamond jhumkas or American diamond jhumkas—both of these have gathered quite an audience lately. Diamond jhumkas are generally combined with gold and pearls for a lavish bridal experience. Different colours of diamonds add a contrasting effect to the gold and pearls, giving the perfect look.

Temple Jhumka Designs

Top 10 Bridal Jhumka Designs To Swoon Over

Temple jhumkas are gold moulds of gods and goddesses and elements inspired by Indian temples. They may feature elephants, swans, and lotuses, again representing temple jewellery at its best. Temple jhumka designs are best paired with kanjivaram and bridal saree looks.

Meenakari Jhumka Designs

Meenakari jhumkas are other traditional types of jewellery worn by brides at Indian weddings. These generally contain bright and colourful designs made of small beads and stones. Originating from one of the states of India, it is now worn all over the country, enjoying the strata of celebrated folk crafts for our country.

Antique Jhumka Designs

Antique jhumka designs are directly taken from the ancient jewellery elements dug up by archaeologists. These may contain features from the ancient art and culture sporting an aesthetic rustic effect on the jhumkas. Some may have the Mughal Empire elephants, while others have the Mauryan lions, etc. Antique jhumkas are generally worn by the bride as an heirloom.


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