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Can White Gold Change Color?

There are many different colors of gold, including the ever-popular shade of white gold. Jewelry in white gold is timeless and effortlessly stylish, allowing gemstones and diamonds to look their very best. Many of today’s most popular engagement rings and wedding bands feature white gold settings.  Due to white gold’s unique construction, it may require a little more care than other metals such as yellow gold or platinum . Depending on your body … Continue reading Can White Gold Change Color?

Jewelry Gift Ideas For The 2023 Holiday Season

Every holiday season sees a new surge of gadgets and trendy presents, but many of these gifts are quickly forgotten about after the new year starts. Cherished gifts are ones that can be enjoyed long after the holiday season has passed. When it comes to gift ideas, jewelry shines as a classic choice with staying power.  Jewelry … Continue reading Jewelry Gift Ideas For The 2023 Holiday Season

All About Upgrading Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a memorable moment that is often marked by a ring. Whether you received an heirloom ring, a gemstone ring, a unique nontraditional style or a classic diamond design, your ring represents a special bond between you and your partner.  While your ring represents your commitment to your partner, it may not represent your current style. As a symbolic jewelry piece that’s worn daily, it’s crucial that you feel connected to … Continue reading All About Upgrading Engagement Rings