Can White Gold Change Color?

There are many different colors of gold, including the ever-popular shade of white gold. Jewelry in white gold is timeless and effortlessly stylish, allowing gemstones and diamonds to look their very best. Many of today’s most popular engagement rings and wedding bands feature white gold settings. 

Due to white gold’s unique construction, it may require a little more care than other metals such as yellow gold or platinum . Depending on your body chemistry and your skin’s interactions with white gold, you may find that your white gold jewelry looks like it’s changed colors over the years. But there’s no need to worry, it’s easy to get your white gold back to its original shine and shade.

All About White Gold’s Color

To understand why white gold jewelry may look different over time, it’s important to first understand what gives this precious metal its unique color. White gold brings a silvery, chrome-like white and gray shining metal color. This shade is popular as it works wonderfully with the styles, skin tones and budgets of many people. It’s a lightweight and affordable precious metal that’s perfect for all kinds of fine jewelry

White gold is not just yellow gold with a different plating. Instead, it’s a unique alloy of gold, copper, zinc and nickel or palladium. This combination gives white gold its namesake color, which is solidified further with a final finish of rhodium plating. The rhodium plating gives white gold jewelry its colorless shine and adds increased durability to the jewelry as this metal is hard-wearing.


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