Jadau Jewellery
An epitome of finesse among some of the most regal Indian heritage accessories, Jadau is a style of jewellery that was originally rooted in the areas of Rajasthan and Bikaner. It is basically the embedding of precious and semi-precious stones into gold to form a stunning piece that is rich and sustainable in style.

Jadau can also be considered as the technique of making a Kundan or Polki piece of jewellery.

Origin of Jadau
Inspired by Mughal cultures and traditions, the Jadau style of jewellery spread to Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the craftsmen adopted its making. With time, its beauty and elegance spread throughout the country. It is one of the oldest forms of jewellery in the country, with the rings and necklaces being nothing less than a perfect mark for beauty. Earlier more than 1000 artisans had to work in order to produce one single Kundan or Jadau jewellery design.

Inscribing diamonds into Kundan and Polki is also considered to be a form of Jadau Jewellery Jaipur style design.


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